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Victurea® - Gradual - Release Urea - For dairy cows, veal calves, beef cattle, sheep and goats.

Victurea contains 85% urea, core-encapsulated by specific layers of hydrogenated fat. It provides an advanced and cost-effective substitution for regular protein sources.

The premium quality coating of Victurea outperforms competitive products where a consistent supply of nitrogen to the rumen microbes is desired. Its time-released effect during eight hours perfectly matches the rumen passage rate of high-performing animals.

Victurea is a superefficient source of pure nitrogen to support the protein synthesis in ruminants, and results in a more efficient utilization of the rumen fermentation capacity. The Nitrogen in Victurea correlates to 247% crude protein!

Especially high-energy rations can be upgraded efficiently by core-encapsulated urea, while compensating for a negative ruminal nitrogen balance (RNB).

Practical experiences with Victurea show an improved feed intake and increased milk yield.