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Rumen Ready


Magnesium butyrate for transition cows.

Rumen-Ready is a feed ingredient designed to stimulate rumen re-development in transition cows. Contains magnesium butyrate to support the rumen to re-develop quickly during this critical period.

It is long since known that butyrate is the strongest natural signal molecule for ruminal wall development. In recent years it was shown that additional butyrate supplemented via the feed can stimulate the rumen wall to redevelop during the transition phase. Palital Feed Additives has developed Rumen-Ready as a butyrate formulation specifically for ruminants.

Classically, butyrate comes in the form of a calcium or sodium salt. Unfortunately too much of either sodium or calcium would give rise to metabolic problems in the long and the short run. That is why Palital now introduces magnesium butyrate especially for ruminants. It avoids excess calcium or sodium, it becomes available in the rumen without the need for digestive enzymes, and it supplies extra magnesium which helps to prevent milk fever.