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  • MaxiBuff is a unique buffer contains marine algae, phytoplankton, and magnesium oxide.
  • MaxiBuff has a unique porous, honeycomb-like structure, quite different from inorganic calcium carbonate which has a compact crystalline structure.
  • MaxiBuff has a specific surface about 5.5 times higher than traditional calcium carbonates. This results in better absorption than conventional minerals so benefiting the animal to a greater extent.
  • Through natural composition and microporous structure, MaxiBuff can neutralize the acids resulting from the digestive mechanisms.
  • More sustainable and stable rumen pH.
  • Inclusion of MaxiBuff prevents the decreased and eventual destruction of the rumen papillae due to long-term acidosis, this can be an insidious process that causes reduction of the cow's ability to perform at peak, costing the farmer money and destroying a valuable asset resulting from long-term acidosis.


  • Beef cattle 40-50 g/head/day
  • Dairy cows: 50-100 g/head/day